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Fav. Systems: Pathfinder, D&D, M&M, Scion and White Wolf.
-Prefer a success based system to a target number system, but enjoy D&D’s nailed down magical effects and powers, and tons of content. Enjoy the ability to do near anything or build near anything in M&M and be close to balanced with others of same point cost.

Fav. Worlds: Faerun(D&D), Ahtalis(Homebrew system/world), and Oubliette Comics (M&M camp).

Been playing table tops for 20 years. Computer games for near 20. Run through tons of systems (All flesh must be eaten, Fate, D&D (2ed-3.5th, Pathfinder), Scion, World of Darkness (old and new), Gurps (2ed), Rifts, and random dabblings in others)