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I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs for over 15 years now, most of those years as a DM.

I’ve played about 40 different rule-sets but i would have to say i like the d20 system more than the others only because its easier for beginners to learn if i have a +1 come into my campaigns.

I’m a pretty laid back DM. I focus mostly on game flow rather than nitpicking over the finer details of the rules, as long as there is consistency.

I’m part of a medieval reenactment society and have fun on the battlefield and around the RPG table with my friends from there.

I am putting together a campaign at the moment based in North Brisbane for any who are interested (will hold about 6 players).
PM for invite

I’m also looking to join 2-3 campaigns as i have recently lost my regular groups due to personal reasons of the other PCs

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  • SeanSerin
  • Chealkey
  • Oxblood
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