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About Me:

I have been gaming since I was a kid in the 90’s, and see RPG’s as equal parts art and entertainment. I have studied Philosophy, Music, Law, Computer Science, and Mathematics, and I love putting things I have learned to use in my game playing (and see others do the same).

About my Work:

As a game-master, I spend a lot of my time in games trying to emphasize character & world consistency, plot intrigue, inventiveness, and immersion. I like to encourage players to help build the world around them and to really invest in their characters. I have game mastered dozens of campaigns with player groups ranging from as few as 1 to as many as 10 at a time.

My biggest project to date is the “Threads Setting” – started as the Threads of Yarn campaign and now continuing in the Atop the Shoulders of Giants campaign. The first game started as a fun little throw-together, and grew into a 7 player, 14 Player Character, game that lasted three years of (relatively) regular gaming. The long-term of this project is to play through a consistent world in which the actions of the players change the course of history, the development of society, and so much more – such that actions taken by players in one game may have a significant effect on the setting, options, and plot of the next.

I am always looking for new gaming opportunities (despite a busy schedule) and love pouring myself into custom game mechanics topics. Feel free to send me a message if you’re interested in collaborating, putting a game together, or just generally want to chat. :D

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