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06/03/2012 wow life is crazy, new friends, new games and even more stuff to keep me busy!
Currently I am DMing: Airships, and Cannons, and Dragons! Oh, my!

02/2012 wow so many changes in such a short time! new job/city/friends, checking out new activities and events. basically I have been super busy.

cool i got an Achievement!

I have been gaming most of my life, well all of the parts I was old enough to remember anyway. I’m currently without a group but am slowly finding players. I used to DM alot but it has been about a year since I played.

Correction, I have a gaming group now.


By the Way…. if you want to look at my items please go into the wiki and look at the magic item page there……. slightly more items and they are actually linked right…. for some reason i cant see mto link the items in the item section to/from anything. thanks

sweet so as of this writing i DM: a starwars d20 game set during the great sith war 4000 years ago, a D20 modern Zombie game set in my town where all the PCs play themselves(which I co-DM with Sixfon), a hackmaster gladiator game set in Lankhmar, and ofcoarse my Hackmaster game set in the World of Tarvakar.

I am a PC in: Sixfon’s dnd 3.5 game thats awesome but i’m playing a rogue so yeah… lame but atleast i have twice as many magic items as the rest of the party combined, a crazy zealot in a different Sixfon game, Myself in the above zombie game, and two PCs in Harvy’s sweet epic good vs evil dnd 3.5 game. so yeah lots of fun gaming going on here.

ohyeah and just to mention Brandon’s 1st lv elementalist exploded thanks to 14 vials of alchemist fire he was carrying BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

ps why does google maps think i live in south america? ohwell whatever

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