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I’ve been a Token Geek Girl and gamer since I first overheard my brother and his friends playing 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons over 23 years ago.

What I’ve played: Dungeons & Dragons (1st through 3.5 editions), D20 Modern, GURPS, Champions, Marvel, DC Heroes, Rage, Vampire: Masquerade, Paranoia, Dr. Who, Call of Cthulu (and the previous two combined into one game), Star Wars, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Cybergeneration, Gaterunner, Rifts, Star Frontiers, Space: 1889, Dream Coaster and soon X-Crawl.

My love of the game has floated over to my love of art, and I’ve been drawing fantasy & sci-fi characters for many years now. I go by “Syreene” when it comes to my illustrations. My Deviant Art gallery link is above.

I am more than willing to discuss character or item illustrations for other campaigns as well, if anyone is interested (just leave me a message as I check here daily).