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Ostarian grew up working hard in his father’s alchemy store, helping him craft minor magical potions for sale, and throw a spell or two on paying adventurers that passed through town for a fee.
Like his father, Ostarian studied to continue the war against undead and their masters seeking to enslave the world. With his high intelligence Ostarian was admitted and trained by a group of local wizards in the art of life. Their rituals strange to outsiders, but only they know the thin line between life and death has been altered by evil necromancers in the past.
When Ostarian starting adventuring to gain experience and find undead lore, his party of heroes has uncovered a vampire spawn nest. In trying to rid the town of spawn the heroes ended up fighting against a cult known as the Whispering Way.
IN the fight all his friends were killed and his leg was broken by repeated blows from two vampire spawn. Being raised on the principles that gods do not exist, and power is earnt by the individual, Ostarian focused his anger and rage towards the spawn refusing to die. The spawn sensed his power and fled the night, leaving him crippled to crawl out of the tunnels alone with his leg permanently damaged.
On return his father was so proud that he gave him the family heirloom, the Hammer of Re-Death, purger of souls to help Ostarian find and destroy the necromancer lord responsible for interferring with the sleep of the dead.

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