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I have been behind the screens since … ohhh my god 1982? It cannot possibly have been so long. I started out with “the red box” basic dungeons and dragons. Then advanced dungeons and dragons. Played around with Gamma World, Car Wars, Star Frontiers, mmmm some kind of spy game??, Warhammer Fantasy (the rpg not battles), Shadowrun, Champions, Heroes Unlimited, Rolemaster, and probably a handful of others that I can’t recall at this time. Of course I have run the gamut of computer RPGs and MMOs. Currently I am running a Shadowrun campaign that you have probably looked at if you are reading this. I am playing in a D20 Modern game in the apocalypse setting that is run by my good friend Smorgie, who is also a player in my Shadowrun game. I have a few Rolemaster campaigns that are currently in hiatus at present and am playing in Smorgie’s DND4 campaign that is on hiatus. My Shadowrun Campaign The DV-8s (Named after the group of players) is my passion and I rarely go a day without putting some work into the site. I have several vigorous players that are hard competitors for content as well. Most of the time when I check my site it has some update done in the last few hours. Feel free to check out the DV-8s and if you are in the mood to talk Shadowrun you are more than welcome in the forums. My game is not presently accepting additional players at this time.

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