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I’m a veteran gamer and GM of over a decade. I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons (3rd, 3.5, and 4th Ed. ), Star Wars Saga Edition, World of Darkness, Shadow Run, and GURPS. At the moment I’m gaming with the Catfish Gamers, as well as running Rise of the Runelords with them. In the past I’ve enjoyed LARPing, mostly Mind’s Eye Theatre, and would like to get back into that if anyone in the Twin Cities is putting a game together.

In my non-gaming life I’m a grad student at University of Minnesota, where I spend my time considering problems in n dimensional geometry and teaching undergraduate statistics. I live with my wife and cat in Roseville, MN.

I am currently interested in joining an on-line Vampire: The Requiem game, if anyone is running one. I’ve played a lot of Vampire: The Masquerade, but I’ve only just picked up Requiem and would like to get some experience with the system before I try running it.

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