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Hello my name is Tyler Rich

I’m a fan of characters with a lot of personality regardless of my distinct love of darkness and minor renegade characters I like to give them Depth. Be that some one who was forced to turn to forbidden magic and now is hunted even though he was forced to use that magic to live, or someone who viciously hunts down those he deems as evil, and a blight to society. Regardless of the story, all my charaters do tend to share some unique traits: 1. Great Sword, 2. Dark Powers (or hunger to obtain such powers by any means necessary) and when it comes down to it, if your evil I won’t be afraid to hack your head off.

The beginning always varies

Family history: parents dead/ parents murdered before my eyes/ I killed my parents / I was shuned from my parents / or never knew them.

Sense of justice: Always usually the same: Evil = death, good = live / The gray spaces, are where it gets fun… killed someone: death/ kicked a baby: death/ mugged a person who was having a heart attack at the time : death/ stole to keep your family alive: live

Fueling vengeance, or hatred: always good for characters/ the constant struggle between right and wrong, versus vengeance and anger. Most characters I use are nice in public, but harbor an evil inside. Sometime that can only be cured by killing evil people/ others could be forced into breaking the laws of magic to fight off an imminent death. Until he cures his problem, and it may surface a new one, like addicted to the power that he obtained from the forbidden magic./

Types of powers and how they are obtained: controlling your flesh/ spreading disease/ inciting horrific images in a person’s soul, all revolving around darkness. Darkness doesn’t have to be evil, it can be used for good too/ powers could be obtained from magical tattoos or runs sketched into his arms or a magical set of armor pieces (armored Left arm). Or just having the ability its self to channel magic. The appearance of such would most likely be like a unholy purple mist being released from the characters arm, or body its self, flowers and trees withering as he/she passes by.

Appearance: Armored trenchcoat/ robe, with a chest plate and left arm completely shrouded in armor. (A GIANT * SHOULDERPAD! ALWAYS) and no doubt a giant sword that spans 7 feet in length and about 9 inches wide.

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