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I’ve been playing AD&D 2nd ed and Shadowrun since 1990, but I fell in love with actual roleplaying in 1997 when a couple friends and I finally decided to play in the World of Darkness.

We started with a few forays into Mortals campaigns, doing the Inquisition, a stint as FBI agents investigating a school bus missing its load of children, and heroes in Ancient Greece. But when we did a Vampire: the Dark Ages game, I learned to care about my character’s place in the world more than the XP and loot.

Over the years we played other games from the WoD, as well as the Trinity/Aberrant/Adventure games, and then my players and I moved onto other things.

I got in with a great group of guys six years ago or so, and while we play a lot of board games, we’ve also done AD&D 2nd/3rd, HERO 5th, Star Wars d20, Savage Worlds, WFRPG (not sure which edition), and most recently Gamma World.

I was working on a custom setting to introduce them to d10, based on a novel I’ve been working on, but the effort has evolved into designing my own game from scratch. I want to make it universal for regular guys campaigns, but with settings that each add a neat gaming hook as well as immersive worlds that encourage the realistic address of fantastic circumstances.

Because I feel I’ve always been a very good writer but a very crap DM, I started listening to actual play podcasts. One of them—Of Steam, Steel and Murder—led me to the Obsidian Portal. Figured I should register and just maybe run or join a game through here.

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