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I’m flexible, and will try most things once. I’m not. a rules guy, and always opt for simplicity. I love to dive deep into roleplay, but often enjoy daring heroic battles to the same degree. I prefer low magic campaigns, but am down for whatever, so long as I can play a non-magic PC (simplicity) and still hang. I really like to dig deep into the game world if the opportunity arises, and fully develop a character over long campaigns. I do, however, like a 1-shot or two here and there as well. I think I could’ve stuck with “I’m flexible.”
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32. Married. Dad. Educated. Showered. Very easy-going. Mature-ish. Good communication. Film Producer. Nerd. I started on DND 3.5 (crunchy), played 4e (boardgamey), then Runequest (excellent, but I think because of the GM), Castles and Crusades (which I love), PF, and now 5e. Little Gamma World, a few Homebrews here and there. I enjoy learning new systems, so long as the GM doesn’t mind a few silly questions. My very favorite sessions/campaigns are small-grouped (2-4 players). I’m easy going and can hang either way, it’s just tough getting decisions made with too many voices shouting. I’ve even played a series of 1 on 1 (player + GM) sessions that I very much enjoyed. I try to get a few solid Saturdays a month in, and I work 10-7 PST (with more late nights than not), meaning that weeknights are an option but not a great one. Very responsive to emails, punctual, no social issues, good communication.
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