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Twentysomething gamer geek. Actor. Writer. Foreign language enthusiast. Amateur folklorist. Cosplayer. Pretty good cook. Mad dancer at con raves and, sometimes, on the street.

I’ve been gaming since 2005, and I learned on SavageWorlds. Since then, I’ve played D&D 2.0, D&D 3.5, D20 Star Wars, Anima, and both iterations of the World of Darkness. I tend to prefer tactics to hack-and-slash and roleplay to rolling, but given the right group and the right GM, I’m pretty much up for everything.

Of the systems I know, I’m most comfortable with SavageWorlds and Storyteller (the system WoD uses); however, I’m amenable to learning whatever it is you happen to run. In fact, I actively want to learn new systems if you want to teach them.

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