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The year as 1981 and it was December on my birthday. My mother and father had watched me play with swords and make armor from cardboard growing up. Now I unwrapped my gift, the last Christmas I was to have in our cabin on the Mogollon Rim northeast of Payson, AZ.

It was a red box with the words ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ on it.

There were some weird shaped dice in the box and books. From that moment there was no looking back, now I could be a knight! Fell beasts beware for great deeds were about to befall them all!!! Oh that year I was reading and running this game with my friends. Every year since then and many of the life choices I have made have been a direct result of the influence tabletop gaming has had on my life, my social circle, and my network of friends – both near and far.

I work on the Internet.
I fight with live steel swords

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