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"Binge-Purge" is the motto by which I live my life… brief episodes of manic inspiration where I busily throw myself wholeheartedly into new and exciting things, only to be interrupted by spiraling descents into apathy and general malaise… It's been the death of many a game (and relationship!) in the past as I misplace notes, file away a character sheets, and just in general lose the lightning I was once riding.

But there's a light at the end of the tunnel! I really feel that this website, the tools it puts at a GM's fingertips, along with the building tingle of excitement of knowing that 4E is just around the corner, is just the shot in the arm I need to re-inspire myself and burst back into the role-playing scene like the superstar I know myself to be! The ability to transform my campaigns into something real and physical outside of myself has always been a huge help to me… and what's realer than the interwebs? Nothing, that's what!

And if I slink away in disinterested disgust yet again? Well, at least I'll be leaving a little artifact behind when this ivory tower comes crashing down around my ears, a curious testament to what might have been that someone (perhaps even myself) may stumble across in the future!

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