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This summer was the first time I played in a D&D group that had more boys than girls and most of those guys played as girls while I played as a guy.

I love gnomish names. My last gnome was Vesvilkopsi Sorin Etrin Iriniphimus Hetritachtiononolly Trilip Lethrish Ilioil Demeri Ophmengesoph Xiabrielibrion Zerishilifuten Wrendewin Gildrin Timinoth Uiliperphipin K’loklaki Galtrax Wrimple Ander Klixtrit Gossup Erars Dresainen Bernificise Trepsepilor Drendeninor Gromble Sooli Yilx Niko Marius Quently Wininoni, but his friends called him Ves. I would love to use him again sometime since the DM for that campaign moved to China.

Mage hand is my favorite spell (so far).

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