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Started rolling dice on “Dragonstrike” in 1994. Got into as much role playing and dice chucking as I could manage.

I boast of the most bizzar collection of character ideas and the worst game settings ever concocted.
So I’ll run a game out of a book or off a web page. I’ll tweek it and make it sick. My creativity comes out in my play. But I will stutter my way through directing as long as there is someone willing to put up with me and play.

So for now and all we are worth, let the d20s roll!

There is alo another quirk to my games. One may remember seeing Nick Cage and Anny Jolee in “Gone in 60 seconds” and how they used “Low Rider” to tap into their mojo to boost cars. In much the same manner, I use this special video of Stephen Lynch’s “D&D” to get in my groove before a game.
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