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The name is Venus Moreno aka Synapse

I’m 18years old and I’m new to Kingston. I was born in the big city, Manhattan, New York. When I was 5 my family relocated to Washington D.C where my mom Madeline Moreno begin working for the United States government. My dad also had a job with the military so he wasn’t around much. Throughout my childhood I was mostly raised by my nanny Allison Harveaux, who told me stories about the great powers my mom and dad both had. My mom had mental abilities, the precognitive sort, as well as being able to read minds, and control others somehow. My father, Victor Moreno made strange things happen that no one could ever truly define, but it was clear he had some sort of inhuman abilities. They both put their powers to good use to work at protecting our country, but when I was 8 years old my father went rogue from the military. There wasn’t a goodbye note, none of his things were gone, he just disappeared in thin air. Mother moved back in with Allison and I, while we all grieved the lose of my father. Things began to go awry between US government and Russia. My mother was called away to help yet again, when I was 10 years old. During the few years mum was home though she warned me that some day I would have powers just like her and my father, and that I must be sure to tell no one about them. I was told to never use my powers unless I absolutely had to, to protect myself or the people I care about. I was clueless about these supposed powers I had but I never took my mom’s words for granted I listened carefully to everything she said and looked up to her as my role model. The last time I saw my mom was when I was 11 years old, she came home in a hurry and packed up all her things and seemed terrified. She told me that I’d have to be strong and go on without her, and no matter what to trust no one. She told me she didn’t know how long she’d be gone. It was a hasty goodbye and I was scared when she left but she left me a large sum of money and a necklace. It had been years since my mother had gone and since I’d heard from her before I began to worry, but instead of suspecting my mom was gone for good I began to rebel in hopes of drawing her back home to check up on me. Sadly she never came home, and Allison was incredibly overprotective of me, yet never told me anything about my mother’s whereabouts. As I began to feel trapped and suffocated in our lonely washington mansion, I started sneaking out of the house late at night and being very reckless. I’d stay out all hours of the night, with other people much older than me, and defy Allison just out of spite. No one could tell me what to do, I got into drugs and alcohol and I became bestfriends with another girl who was a few years older than me named Justice. One night, hanging out in the underground parts of the city justice and I were high out of our minds, we went to our normal hangout in the sleazy part of town to meet up with our friends. When we arrived at their hangout we were greeted by a group of foreign men in suits, Justice was murdered brutally in front of me and I was taken captive by the men. I was blindfolded, gagged, and beaten before being taken to a disclosed location. I spent days and weeks in a russian training facility being monitored and examined like a lab rat by various groups of people. They encouraged me to use my powers by threatening my life, torturing me, and attempting to bargain with me eventually. After weeks of being beaten and left alone and with very little food in the lab, there was a security breach at the facility. On that day, I found out my nanny Allison Harveaux was not as she appeared to be. O_O) In the midst of the fighting and chaos and gunshots, I somehow hysterically convinced a gaurd to let me go and ripped a steel door off its hinges out of sheer rage. Various gaurds intercepted me in the halls as I made my way out of the building, I accidently impaled two of the guards on steel poles and caused another to fall down screaming violently. After using a tremendous amount of mental strength these new powers I’d never before manifested somehow gave up on me, so I ran for my life. Allison held off a group of gaurds for me as I ran out of the back, I ran and ran until I went to the place I suspected she’d be, the dock. Through looking at the local paper and my surroundings, I realized I was in Russia. I knew the only way back to the states would be on water, so naturally I’d gone to the docks. It was also the only place I could remember seeing as my family had visited Russia only once before.

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