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Atticus grew up on the outskirts of Kiris Dahn raised by the Akturos, the local hammersmith. Years ago in Kiris Dahn, Atticus’s mother and father were executed publically, for the noble family accused them of stealing and plotting their assassinations. Falsely accused Atticus watched his parents dangle from the golden ropes attached by the noble crest. As his parent’s bodies became motionless, his eyes grew with rage to the noble family and anything associated with thievery. Atticus lived a life of solitude as an orphan until reaching out to Akturos. The elder man watched over him for six years until passing away from an unbearable sickness. The elder hammersmith had left note the night he died to Atticus, leaving him a custom helm and plates of armor fitting his large stature perfectly. Atticus took the giant hammer that once forged his armor and lurked Kiris Dahn in search for the truth about his parents, and revenge on the noble family. A man of few words, Atticus knew his parents had secrets as well. Knowing his parents have traveled distances far and wide, adventuring to find the truth is what drives Atticus in battle and through lands unknown.

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