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I’ve been playing DnD since 2009. My first two years of playing were only “Theoretical DnD,” meaning that everything was made up on the spot, lasted one session, and was usually all RPing with some dice rolling. Towards the end of 2010, I joined my first official DnD campaign, playing as a sorcerer. We played classic 3.5 SRD, although I joined a few missions into the campaign I was integrated pretty fast. That campaign was finished in July of 2011.

My second campaign is the first using Obsidian Portal, and the first that my merry band of players decided to play in Pathfinder: A New Eberron. While we used to play once a week, the campaign is all but dead since we’ve all gone to college.

My third campaign is an online one that is located on Gaia Online. This is also Pathfinder SRD, but takes place in the Dragonstar setting. I have two characters: one a magus that hasn’t really come together, and a monk.

Most recently, I’ve started an Exalted campaign, where I’ve played a Dawn, an Eclipse, and a Dusk (who was actually the same Dawn… back from the dead). It has been a tremendous amount of fun.

As a player, I typically have a poor selection in feats/charms, so I often wind up less powerful than others. In terms of RP’ing, I’m always ready to take a half hour to have a conversation, and I frequently get complimented on my acting ability.

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