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I’ve been playing table tops for maybe 13 years and GMing them for maybe 11. I love all kinds of table top games, from complex and involving ones to simple and easy to play ones. I also really love different game worlds. I own a ton of table tops, but not nearly as many as I would like.

I currently run/play in 4 table tops:
– Dark Sun – I run a Dark Sun DnD 4E game for some of my coworkers at 38 Studios.
– Forgotten Realms – I run a Forgotten Realms DnD 4E game for my former co-workers at Turbine, Inc.
– Battletech – I co-ish run a game of Battletech with some coworkers at 38 Studios.
– Neverwinter – I play a Dwarf Warrior and Harper in a Neverwinter campaign run by one of my coworkers.

My top 3 rule systems are: 1) DnD 4E, 2) GURPS, 3) Shadowrun (But this is always subject to change.)
My top 3 game worlds are: 1) Forgotten Realms, 2) Anything Homebrew, 3) Scion

My non-table top hobbies include: LARPing, Video Games, writing, and reading.

Lastly my website link is my Facebook page, so if you want to know more about me or get in touch feel free.

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