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At an early age Alorzah was taken from his family and outcast because of his “curse”, from what he can remember he was raised in Katapesh, where he spent a lot of time with many different races but the gnomes of the area related to him better then his own kind. One in particular Raslen spent most of his time teaching Alorzah that his weaknesses could be his greatest asset. Over the final few years of training with Raslen he taught Alorzah how to hone is skills and introduced him to his best friend and ally Raine. Raine became Alorzah’s eyes and ears and spent alot of time in training with him. As the impending war in Katapesh became worse, Raslen realized he needed to finish Alorzah’s training so he could leave for Cormyr, where he heard the The Shrine in Eagle Peak were looking for “special” recruits for training in the divine ways. Once Raslen got Alorzah to the shrine he said his heart felt goodbye he told Alorzah he would continue his training here and headed back to Katapesh. Over the next few years into his adolescent he trained under the different priest and mentors until the time of the enlistment into the Great War that was spreading across the land.

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