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Hey! What up! my Name is Jon. I’m 24yr old Heavy Equipment Operator.I been playing D&D and other table top RPG games. Well it all started in high School, After football season I had nothing to do for most evenings.I never like basket ball.hahaha! Well I was friends with Joe and Naconi who weere my answer sheet in high school, who are now my Budz.Well one night Asking me to come over and play a game. I was like ight(alright). They bust out with this game, were you could Build a Character, Class, and Feats also other stuffz. I was like “this is corny”. But after a few hours of killing Orcs,Bugbears and blowing up a goblin,getting chase by hellhounds in the forest…hahaha! it was crazy. It’s like, I locked my inter self. Its like a drug to me now.D&D now its my turn to campaign battles. hope it works out

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