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Joining the military at a young age Bobby quickly was situated into a more specialized military unit skilled in the art of making certain people vanish. After years of this service taking a few lives became nothing more than a daily task looked upon more as a job. Seeing no other way of life after the military Bobby joined the Organization a legalized mercenary group located in Capital City. The Organization deals in any job for any price. Its only rule, keeping a favorable face in front of the public. Keeping up the reputation includes not getting caught up in anything too illegal and no killing of minors 0-17. Bobby was on his way up the ladder in the Organization even meeting his life long partner and wife Daisy Burke. Bobby now finds himself along with Daisy the pilot of the starship [[Blackbird]] after his last job for the Organization went terribly wrong. While chasing the target [[Sergei Chesnekvo]]

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