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Born to a human father and an orc mother during the sadly short lived peace between Many-Arrows and the kingdoms of the Silver Marches, Brogg Zarorak was raised to the ideal of harmony between all races. His parents were a rare example of such, a loving union between orc and human. His optimistic outlook he got from his father, and his savage fighting prowess from his mother. True to his warlike orc nature, he enlisted with the army of Many-Arrows upon reaching adulthood.
Placed into a unit composed of half breeds, his keen mind saw him rise through the ranks to a stable sergeant’s position, commanding fellow half orcs in battles with the enemies of Many-Arrows and the rest of the Silver Marches. Stationed mostly in the Cold Wood, he adopted the tactics commonly used by the elves, using a longbow and short swords, and fighting undercover rather than in the open.
His company, the Nightbones, frequently clashed with goblinkin coming down from the Spine of the World. Goblins, Hobgoblins, Ettins, the menace never ceased. Their true nemeses were a clan of Bugbears called the Bonegnawers, with whom they had a running series of battles and raids. All of the Nightbones became skilled in tracking and fighting the creatures, or they perished.
When the dark elves overthrew the descendent of King Obould and ushered a bloodthirsty usurper into the leadership of Many-Arrows, the Nightbones deserted en masse, sickened at the war against their allies and kindred. Pursued by former comrades and the minions of the Drow they fled the Silver Marches.
Not willing to let an experienced company with possibly valuable intelligence get away so easily, the false orc king Hartusk ordered some of the frost giants of the Shining White to find them and kill them. When the two forces met south of the Lurkwood, the Nightbones recieved a devastating defeat, with half of the company slain. Brogg was saved only by hiding under the corpse of a friend as the rest fled or died.
While the Nightbones did survive, they had been betrayed, and vowed to avenge their fallen. Brogg developed a deep burning hatred of giant kin, even more so than his rivalry with the bugbears. Recognizing that his hotheadedness might get his allies killed, he left the Nightbones to a life as a mercenary group and sought out his own path.
A soldier without an army, he will find a way to avenge his fallen comrades.

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