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My name is Jerry, age 68, long-time paper Dungeon Master, creative writer, poet, history buff (Civil War, Medieval, Ancient) interested in archaeology and astronmy/space science, ghosthunter, major Tolkien and Lewis fan. Convinced if not very faithful Christian. Married, one daughter, 18, live in rural NW Ohio. Vietnam Vet (Army) Graduate Ohio University (go Bobcats!) Fan of Detroit Tigers, Indiana Pacers. Like Music from “classical” (Rachmaninoff, Mahler, Mozart, Wagner, Bartok, Hindemith) to folk and folk rock (Peter Paul and Mary) contemporary Christian (Third Day) 60s-60s rock, some Metal, some Country (Toby, Trace, Martina) Like Blondie, Annie Lennox, David Bowie, Gene Pitney, Dennis Yost, Dusty Sprimgfield, the Eagles, Uriah Heep, Peter Frampton, John Cafferty, Tarja Turunen, Within Temptation (Sharon den Adel is gorgeous!)and many others. Like all kinds of movies from Drama to SciFi to Horror.
Watch a lot of AMC, YCM, Spiuke, History Channel. Hate most of the music that is popular today except Adele. Pretty sad when you have to start listening to overseas groups to find any decent movies. I’m a former teacher Jr Hi, HS, College, corporate publications/communications guy, and most recently a caregiver to disabled adults. Sixty-eight years is a lot of history and interests to cover—any questions, just ask. I love to read, and my brain is a vast warehouse of totally useless information…

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