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I’ve been playing D&D since the mid to lates nineties. Every weekend was spent @ my best friend/DM’s kitchen table playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons with him, Aaron his brother, Andrew, and our friends Rob, Alex and Zach. We were 7th graders plunging into the depths of ancient deserted pyramids, disarming traps meant to fell hundreds of raiding theives, slaying demonic aberrations, and solving puzzles that had stumped genius magicians. Rob would play the impatient grim faced ranger, Andrew would play the silly meddling spellcaster, Alex the sneaking kender thief, Zach the puzzled quiet druid, and myself the upright knightly paladin. Every couple weeks the party would be extinguished by some horrible monster or relic. I was weened on the deck of many things, from which I could escalate myself to levels of grand power, receive the +5 Holy Sword and Be killed all in the same game.

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