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Cactiblastis – “I cast a lightning bolt!” Thunor – “They’re only Ogres. You sure you want to waste that?” GM – “The paladin has already charged ahead of you” Cactiblastis – “That’s ok. I cast A lightning bolt” GM – “The paldin is between you and the ogres. Are you sure you want to do that?” Cactiblastis – “Yes already! I cast it!” GM – “Ok roll damage” Cactiblastis – “43! thats huge!” GM – “Your lightning bolt passes through the paladin, severely wounding him and killing his mount. You also kill the ogres.” Groans Angry Glares Silence Cactiblastis – “What? its only a horse, he can get another one. We’re tenth level, they cost bugger all” Thunor – “Uh… a paladin has a sacred bond with his mount. Its a special companion. its irreplacable” Cactiblastis – ”...oh…” Cactiblastis – “I have a potion of extra healing. Will that help?”

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