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I seem to be one of only a handful of loose and unacquainted gamers in Brownwood, TX, a central Texas town of about 20,000. I’m currently 25 years old, and began my gaming addiction around age 5 when my brother (9 years older) had developed an interest in the pen, paper, and dice subculture. He would bring home games like Heroquest, Battletech, Shadowrun, and eventually the Elvis of RPG’s…. Dungeons and Dragons (cue dramatic music). To these I would normally be the willing guinea pig, as I enjoyed anything rooted in fantasy or sci-fi. We always seemed to play in spurts, sometimes putting these games away for years at a time. But we always enjoyed re-immersing ourselves into these worlds once we rediscovered a dusty guidebook in the top of a closet. Only recently, we have rediscovered D&D, and have begun a 4th edition campaign. We share a common group of players, who have characters in each of our campaigns, and who are mostly new to pen and paper RPG’s save for passing knowledge. It also gives him (my brother) a chance to actually play a character rather than just DM’ing as he usually did when we were younger. (In my experience a 7 year old with ADHD makes a poor DM for AD&D) More than anything, no matter what game setting, pen and paper RPG’s give me a MUCH needed outlet to hone my creative writing skills, which I had all but stopped using over the last few years while suffering from a general lack of motivation and the depression and confusion that stems from growing up. Hopefully my wife will remain patient with me as I rediscover this world I had all but forgotten :) Keep dreaming, keep playing, and keep your wits sharp and imaginations strong…

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