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My name’s Ian. I’m from Westfield, Massachusetts. I’m 41 years old and I’ve been involved with roleplaying games for 30 years. I’m married with two kids. My interests include music, movies, TV and reading. I’m part of a game group here in Westfield, Mass., and I’m currently DMing. We meet once a week and currently have no openings. That said, I’m always up for more RPGs—not just D&D, either. I’d love to play or DM Traveller, Twilight: 2013, 13th Age, Call of Cthulhu and possibly others. If you’d like to start up an online or in-person game, send me a private message. As already stated above, I’m 41, so don’t waste my time. If you want to geek out, let’s do it. But, please, if you’re an easily offended SJW-pussy, don’t bother me.