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As far as I’m concerned, here’s what being a gamer means: It means you love games. Casual, hardcore, somewhere in between, it doesn’t matter. If you love games, you’re a gamer. And as far as gamer culture goes…honestly, I’m not sure I can put into words how fantastic it is. We write songs, and make art, and laugh at weird jokes. We wear images from our favorite games on our clothes, or even on our skin. Our conversations are peppered with quotes and memes and acronyms that were never meant to be spoken aloud. We wax poetic in our nostalgia for games of the past, and we whip ourselves into frenzies over new titles to come. We debate for hours over which game was the best of a series or which class is best to play. We help each other out, sharing loot and strategies. We find ways to meet the people we play with online out in the real world. We goof around. Incessantly. And sometimes, when life gets rough, we draw strength from games, both from the characters in them and from the people we play with.