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Hello, my name is Clifton

I am a husband, a father, a nurse, and a gamer. I try to keep those things in about that order but don’t always achieve it. I am 32 years old and have 3 wonderful little boys and a beautiful wife who humors my hobbies. I joined Giascioch about 1 month ago now. New to the family still really. I found the guild through a guide on crafting. I got hooked as soon as I read what the family stood for and its credos. I am a big fan of GW2 and enjoy all things related to RPG. MMO is where I find most my social life outside of my family. Some would think that sad, I find it very convenient and nice. This particular community had people of ambition beyond the games they play, balancing life as well. My kind of people.

I am looking forward to playing true RPG in its purest form. I haven’t played since the 90s in high school where we didn’t follow any rules realy. I will have a learning curve here for the first little while as I learn the combat system and the distances and dimensions of combat.

I am an inspiring writer who has been working on a fantasy novel for about a year now. I hope to in another year have something I can give to a publisher to look at.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in our table top game made virtual. See you then.

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