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Jason “DanteCreedKills” Creed is a freelance (read: unemployed) writer, who draws most of his work from his experiences in the realms of geek culture and the select cabal of major league gaming.
Creed was born sometime in the 1900’s (when is a classified government secret) and was raised by his gamer father on the bread and butter of Magic: The Gathering and Diablo for the Playstation One. Creed played Magic: The Gathering up through high school, where his tournament winnings would play a small part in purchasing his first automobile at age 17. At age 13, however, Creed was introduced to tabletop gaming when he discovered a set of AD&D Manuals in his attic. Shortly after his the divorce of Creed’s parents when he was 14, he became a Dungeon Master and Player across editions and campaigns, mainly associating with the same 4 people over the course of the next 5 years.
After a year in reflection and traveling between dropping out of college and “the rest of his life”, Creed returned to the world to find that playing games was a lot easier on the internet. Creed became an active member of the Giant in the Playground forums, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Today Creed is an avid gamer, playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons Online, League of Legends, and Payday: The Heist on his PC, while still sticking to his tabletop roots by playing games such as Arkham Horror and Munchkin, and by supporting up-and-coming titles such as the crowd-funded Serpent’s Tongue (Slated for release Fall 2012).

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