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My name is CthulhuBob Lovely. (My Mom would say my name is Robert Lester Lovely.) I have been blessed with two Lovely daughters and one son, as well as the greatest girlfriend in the universe.
I am the chair of MisCon, which occurs each year on Memorial Day Weekend in Missoula, Montana, thanks to the efforts of my illustrious staff. I also help out, however I can, at RadCon, SpoCon, GameCon Spokane, GTS, and Origins.
Born 14 June, 1962, in Abilene, Texas, I grew to adult age in Columbus, Ohio. Always a dreamer and very imaginative, I began playing Dungeons and Dragons at the age of 13.
Prior to this, I had seen H.P. Lovecraft’s books in the collection of my older brother, Brian, who is also responsible for introducing me to Monty Python, and Star Wars. When Call of Cthulhu was first published, I played with my friend Warren as Keeper. I immediately fell in love with the game, and the system, and have been running Call of Cthulhu ever since.
I am a Missionary for Chaosium, as well as a MIB for Steve Jackson Games, and run games at the conventions above.
I am a fledgling writer, and a member of the Second Friday Writer’s Group, with some friends who’s names I’ll be able to drop at parties< once they are famous authors.

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