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Sebastian Reid was born and raised in Glasgow. A lot of people are quite sceptical about this and he has had to endure many probing questions about his origin and accent. He doesn’t sound Scottish. He gets it. Now shut up.

Described as ‘surreal,’ he has often wanted to break into the world of literature, probably with a flamethrower or a shredder. His current portfolio consists of work which ranges from plain embarrassing to frankly obscene. Semi-formed plot ideas bubble like so much badly made porridge

As an atheist and a philosopher he has a problem with the concept of his own existence and believes that the universe is a cold, uncaring, empty place. He attempts to distract himself from this bleak worldview with prawns, zombies, and laughter. Not necessarily at the same time.

He also has a problem with your existence; unless you come bearing prawns.

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