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Been gaming since I was 13 (circa 1993), first with 2nd edition AD&D, then moved on to Palladium’s Rifts (Robotech, then the original Rifts main), and prior to turning 18 (1998) and joining the military I started playing White Wolf (starting with vampire the masquerade, then werewolf the apocalypse, which had a different name back then). After I moved down to Texas and was settled I started playing other games like the Star Wars that came out in about 2005, and Stargate SG1, as well as diving into a few other off shot games like Farscape. I have been GMing for probably close to 11+ years, my most favored systems being D&D (3.5), Rifts, and White Wolf. I currently have only one main game I am running, but am looking into more in the future. I am always looking for newer players, but am comfortable with no more than 10 players in any game at any one time, though currently about five to six is the norm. Currently running a Dead Reign campaign, and looking to run a Starfinder campaign in the spring or summer of 2018. Will update this as I go. Have done some playtesting in the past, the most recent being the Aethera campaign from Pathfinder. Also myself and a small group of friends are currently looking into and developing our own version of an RPG game that focuses more on the characters and story than on the technicalities of the game. At the same time we are looking to make it a fun and interesting game for anyone who enjoys table top rpgs…look for more info in the future.

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