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Long Time Gamer, started soon after the Fiend Folio first came out. I was active all during 1st edition and played a lot of 2nd edition including running some tournaments at college. TSR made me buy the darn monster manuals 4 times; 1st and 2nd ed, the monstrous compendiums and lastly the computer program. I lost my players when I had to move out to Texas. I was out of the hobby for close to 10 years, now I am working on my 1st game in Pathfinder. I really miss 2nd ed. though, I hope 5th ed. lives up to what it promises, I know I don’t like 4th ed. since I don’t play video games (Fybromalgia makes all that joystick work difficult). I do my own modules and DM 95% of the time. Currently, I am playing. I enjoy it more when I DM, but I learn more when I play. I learn how frustrated the players can get and try to avoid the pit falls I find with other DMs. My current DM is a real good one though so I am not having too many problems.

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