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He awakes from his sleep to the sound of the Kordava’s rooster.“Cockadoo, Cockadoooo.”, they sound aloud awaking the city to the new moring. Rolling his head he opens his eyes to look at the the dark haired maiden sleeping next to him. Smilieing he kisses her brow as he feels a hand slideing up on his chest from the right side. Rolling his head that way in looks at the opened eyed face of the other maid that shares his bed. “Good morning, my dear.”,he says kissing her on the lips then turns his shoulders to move his body to face her. “I have to get to the markets, sweetie. Please take care of her. I’ll be back soon.”, he says kissing her once more before raising out of bed naked and walking across the room to grab his silken robes laying over a high back chair. Stepping threw a heavy wooden and iron guilded door he moves down the villa’s open window hallway tieing his robes belt around his slender muscular waist. Past the long curtains hunging from the stone windows letting the morning sun and breezes in he walked. The morning rays and the smell of the sea made him turn to look out one of these windows. Moveing up to the window’s ceil he placed his hands on it looking out over the city of Kordava and into the ocean and it’s many sail ships. His log brownish blond hair blew across his face causeing him to remove it with his three ringed left hand and pull it around his ear. He smilied to himself thinking of the long road he had walked to get to this piont in his life and closed his eyes remmebering them. Born of love, between magic and the ocean. His mother was a sorceress and his father a Merchant lord of House Ghiles. His father’s familie dissaproved of the marraige and murdered the father to through out the his mother. His mother went back to her ancestral home in the mountains. Ther she grew big with child and died short after birth by a raiding clan of gaints. The Baby Darrendar surived to be took by survants of his mothers familie and was brought down the mountains as they excaped to be brought back to Koradava, were he was adopted be a Inn owner and old caravan driver named Noonan Dur’Ham. Many years he lived with Noonan learen the trade of Inns and caravans, until he met the Nightmasks adn started to explore the sewers of the city to discover many hidden passages and hideouts. Through his love of cards and drink he made many friends and enemies, but the years in the shadows lead him to much wealth and power. That power and wealth lead him to four ships, five Inns and a dozen taverns threw out the city of Kordava. Openning his eyes he smilies as he once again see the wounder full city by the sea Kordava. He reaches under his robe and brings out his mother necklace and looks down at it. The simple golden and crystal medallion with a winged Dragon has been with him since birth. “Good morning mother,”, he starts to talk aloud. “I truely am blessed, thank you. rest well this day.”, he finishes kissing the medallion and turns to put it back under his robe, then starts to finish his walk to the bathchamber.
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