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Doc Kho’nnrz was born of a pair of eggs, rare occurrence, but his birth twin died as they both hatched. Doc then put on him the duty of living through the honor of both him and his brother that never was. To best suit this oath he took on the belief of the good and just Bahamut, and vowed to oppose all evil. This works to his benefit due to how Doc has been continually followed by those in the cult of Tiamat due to his auspicious birth and the circumstances surrounding it. Like all Dragonborn, Doc values responsibility and good judgment, having little time for those that act brashly and make unwise decisions. Serving the path of the righteous brought Doc to a temple in the rugged cold of Frostfell, where he trained originally as a virtuous paladin under his master, a Kalashtar male named Stalchalus. One fateful day Doc was out on an errand, and returned only to see the temple in ruin. Tiamat cultists had followed Doc’s trail to the temple, and demanded to be told where he was. Stalchalus, protecting his ward, disavowed any knowledge of Doc Kho’nnrz. The cultists in response destroyed the temple and slew everyone within. At that moment Doc made a solemn vow to avenge his master and fight all evil, becoming an avenging paladin and going out into the world to face evil blade-first.

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