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Elsi's Bio

Orphaned as a child when his village was attacked by a band of thugs and his parents killed, he was taken in by a monastery where he lived in seclusion until he was 12, being taught the ways of the Monastic order.
At age 12 he was required to perform an assassination and later found that man he kill was actually a good member of society and the patron requesting the assassination was a servant of evil.
He left the monastery and travelled for many days before seeking refuge in a small chapel that he found in a farming village along the way.
In the chapel he was accepted by the priest and taught the domain of Life whilst worshipping the god Hathor.
Hathor accepted him as a cleric but he was constantly at odds with belief in a divine power and the tragedy that happened to his family.
After becoming an Adept, he left the Chapel to help others who had suffered tragedy whilst searching for the marauders that killed his parents.
He also has to avoid the assassins sent by the monastery to safeguard their secrets.

Travelling the land, Elsi helps those in need and heals the sick with his cleric abilities.
If those in need should need protection, he has no qualms about using his connections with his deity to destroy them.
He’s very taciturn and doesn’t make friends easily, but is fiercely loyal to those he has.
He wants nothing more than to be left alone in his life, but he detests injustice and will continue to search for those who killed his family.

During his travels, Elsi had encountered a former street urchin, <giselle>, who had been through hardships that would break any normal person.
Elsi sees her as standing against the darkness that threatens the world and has kept in touch over the years.
One evening, a dragonborn scholar named Cozdragon Tahneen arrived at the chapel seeking shelter for the night.
Hathor had marked this dragonborn as someone important and indicated that Elsi should help them fulfil their destiny.
Cozdragon was searching for ancient manuscripts in libraries across the land and Elsi offered to assist her in locating them.
Cozdragon taught Elsi the Elven tongue during their travels.
With the current troubles in the world, possible rebellion and strange things happening to newborns, Hathor has directed Elsi to seek their company once again, to find out what is causing the disruption in the balance of the world.

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