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21 year old female, playing dnd for roughly 11 years. Dungeon Master for 7 of them. Specializing in item and map creations.

Those are the basics but really I just love playing Dungeons and Dragons, it’s great fun and awesome for using your imagination.. I have loads of characters and countless campaigns. I lucked out because everyone in my family played so I never had to search for campaign groups or wait to meet up we could just play whenever.

While I DM I don’t follow the rule books to much.. I play the way I was taught and I stick to what I know, but I do go by the rule ’DM’s word is law, no arguments.’ And we apply a table-talk rule to every campaign to prevent off tangent conversation.. I can tell you it’s pretty hilarious when a player says something out of game without applying the table talk rule, you can look at them and say, ‘what is this soda pop you speak of?’ or ‘What this ’insert technology here’ and then it deviates to burning them for being crazy heretics.. :D This only happens if they abuse the privalage of the table talk rule though.

I’m pretty open minded when it comes to races and class mixes, and I attempt to keep everyone from becoming ridiculously powerful.. Though i can’t DM for a class or race or world that I know nothing about so I’d need information first.

And while I do DM I tend to prefer being able to actually play once in awhile.. it’d be nice to find a group of people that have a DM of their own and join up.. currently I have one consistent player and a mash up of random Friends who play it once in awhile.. Me and my friend(also a girl) are looking for a permanent campaign group that doesn’t mind the extra side characters every now and then..

one last thing, bring your own dice…

embirsiphone@hotmail.com - Designated IM handle for this site and my shiny new friends :D
Skype: Embirsiphone

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