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37 year old DM with 20+ years of experience. I grew up being the GM in most of my campaigns. I place a strong onus on story. Adventure is a story development tool not the story itself. My campaigns tend to be dark, intense and full of social commentary. I challenge the players to see that sometimes there is no right or wrong, sometimes you can’t win, but to never give up hope because you may lose a battle as there is still a war to fight. It takes a player with resilience to play in my campaign. I prefer people who take the game seriously and don;t mind a more grounded story. Though there is high fantasy in my campaigns I tend to take a more realistic and conventional to social interaction, so if you want to run a Hobgoblin, or half dragon I am not going to be the campaign for you. I also don’t want anyone who is not willing to work into the campaign. If I have to be bribed to get your character involved I am not the DM for you. That being said I want it to be fun, but I put a lot of effort into my story and want my players to be able to appreciate the depth of the story and narrative. I work hard and want players that can validate and appreciate that effort.

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