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My father, Cayleen Rettig, is a customs official in the Customs House in Eleder, captol of the Colony Sargava. Since childhood I had a connection with Gogreh, god of nature and the sea. As an adolescent I met a Bonumat (native) Shaman of Shinye-Magalla named Mitambu. Shimy-Magalla is a Mwangi god that combines the aspects of Govareh and Dresna (godess of the stars adnd travel). I used to meet with Mitambu downby the waterfront where he would talk to the sea. My father greatly disapproved and a few years ago shipped me off to Corenty to learn the proper religion of Gozreh (and to get me away from my beloved Mitambu).

Recently I received a message from my father via ship. He said that the Sargavan government had received a tip that a fugitive from Sargavan justice was spotted living in Corentyn. The man’s name is Jask Derindi, a Garundi, and he was working as a scribe somewhere in Corentyn. I remembered this man, Jask, because he worked with my father in the Customs House. Ten years ago he was accused of acdepting bribes from the pirate Captains ofhe Shackles and smuggling. Before he could be apprehended, he jumped a ship and fled Eleder. My father asked in the letter that I apprehend Jask and return him to to Eleder for justice. Jask is a middle aged scribe in poor health and I was able to easily subdue him and book passage for myself and my prisoner back to Eleder.

Jask protest his innocence and claims he was framed. He told me that he had discovered evidence relateing ot smuggling and that he took this evidence to his boss at the Customs House, one Lerad Est (who is also my father’s boss). A few days later Jask was tipped off that he was wanted for that very crime and he fled.

I have to do my duty to my father and bring Jask to justice. Let him lay his case before those whose sworn duty is to sort these things out!

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