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About Me:

I’ve been playing fantasy-style and imaginative games in general since, like, forever – and playing table-top RPG’s for over 15 years now. I love the creativity, intellectualism, and expression that comes with table-top gaming and view them not only as entertainment but as a form of artistic story-telling as well.

I have a background in Philosophy, Music, and Law with a smattering of Computer Science and Math. I enjoy art of all kinds, especially music and table-top games, and have always been a sucker for an opportunity to indulge the arts.

About my Work:

I spend a lot of my time in games trying to emphasize character & world consistency, plot intrigue, and inventiveness. I like to encourage players to help build the world around them and to really invest in their characters.

My current big project is the “Threads Setting” – started as the Threads of Yarn campaign and now continuing in the Atop the Shoulders of Giants campaign. The first game started as a fun little throw-together, and grew into a 7 player, 14 Character, game that lasted three solid years as both an investigation & intrigue game and as a world-building and game-modding project. The long-term of this project is to play through a consistent world in which the actions of the players change the course of history, the development of society, and so much more. For example, while Threads of Yarn was set in medieval times, the persistent pursuit of knowledge by the characters in that game helped shove society into a renaissance that has shaped the setting for Atop the Shoulders of Giants.

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