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Gimble Folkor is younger than most, for starters. He has a great IQ, and his parents at Highforge wanted him to be a technician, but he thought he could be more than that. Gimble then decides to simply leave Highforge, with the only note on his absence a note he left his parents, that one day he will return as a powerful sorcerer.
Being young, Gimble does not have a clear view on what is good and bad, leaving him pretty neutral when it comes to making decisions. And also from being young, his answer to decisions happen to be a little hectic, leaving him at Chaotic Neutral when it comes to his standpoint. Gimble enjoys messing around with peoples heads with illusion spells, but when it comes to battle, he uses his great IQ to think of creative ways to distract the enemy, or even solo it, if necessary. Gimble also loves playing with Poison, and its wonderful properties, leaving him an Acid based sorcerer. Gimble prefers to be a support attacker, due to his ability to attack from a large range, and since he is smaller, he knows not to directly charge the enemy. Every since he was a child, he liked to tinker with things, and occasionally comes up with an interesting device, which can be useful to himself and others, or can create interesting combinations with different tools.

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