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Was bitten by the RPG bug early on, thanks to a visiting older cousin and his boxed set of D&D books and lead miniatures. Later got into Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstones’ “Fighting Fantasy” books before finding out the neighborhood kids were playing D&D… Eventually became the long-time GM for (mostly) the same group of assorted crazy players, having run games in both the US and the UK, and generally loving every minute of it.

Have run/am currently running games from: Star Wars (d6), Star Wars (d20), Star Wars (Saga Edition), & Star Wars (FFG); AD&D 2nd Ed., 3.0, & 3.5; Wheel of Time (d20); Pathfinder; The Dresden Files (Fate System).

Avid lover of Sci-Fi and Fantasy – love to read, write, and watch. Some art background – useful for drawing maps, in particular! Enjoy traveling, history, sociology & folklore, and often find ways to integrate them into my games in some fashion or another.

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