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Gragnor Ac’tar was born in the slum section of Cincinnati. His age is unknown, even to himself because goblins were hardly worth noticing, let alone recording their births. According to the other races they “bred like rats”, and weren’t treated any better either. Growing up wasn’t any better. Schools were unheard of for goblins so lessons were learned hard on the streets. Jobs of any worth were rare for goblins so Gragnor truned to the only alternative for people of his ilk; thievery. And he was good at it too! By age 8 he could pick almost any lock he came across and no pocket that held anything of value was safe fom his nimble fingers. With his quick wit and above average intelligence, he taught himself to read and write in both goblin and human, a secret that he kept to himself because an intelligent goblin scared the other

races, esspecially humans. So around them, he feigned ignorance and so learned many secrets than he otherwise would have. And so he entered earluy adulthood.
It was at this time he was “sold” to work in what amounted to a child slave factory. His mother could no longer fford to care for him and instead of turning him out into the streets like so many other Goblin mothers did, thought that she would give him a chance for a “real job” and earn a “real living” (and also turn a profit for herself in the process)by “contracting” him to work for the humans. If Gragnor thought like was hard before, it was nothing compared to the
conditions in the human factories. It was here, in the grueling work-house conditions, that he developed his sense of injustice. It opened his eyes to the plight of people in all races who had no one to speak out for them. It was here, inbetween the steaming pipelines and vats of chemicals that he met the first bright moment in an otherwise bleak life, a female goblin by the name of T’Char’ra. They ate lunch together and talked together whenever the day allowed and during their downtime, he taught her how to read and write and kept such knowledge between themselves. At night Gragnor would break into the offices and get what reading materials he could. It was here that he learned the use of chemicals and put to memory many of their combinations and formulas for use in his other profession because he had no inclination to spend
the rest of his life in the factory. He wanted so much more for himself and for the first time, another person, T’Char’a.
At the ripe and ready age of what amounted to his later teenage years, Gragnor made plans not only for his escape and T’Char’ra’s from the servitude of the factories, but the other children as well. Their decision was made when, quite by accident, T’Char’ra came accross a medical study commissioned by the owners of the factory to see why the overturn rate was so high. It seemed that 2 out of every 3 workers who managed to reach their twenties developed what was termed as the “Wasting Sickness” and whithered away to skin and bones before gasping out their final breath. The uselessness of their endevours almost choked him with indignity and cememted his determination to see as many freed from this wasteful use of life as possible.
He and T’Char’ra helped over 100 children escape to freedom that night. Through his connections in his other line of work, he was able to find shelter for all of the children and so began his and T’Char’ra’s work foraging the Underground Railroad. When war broke out, Gragnor joined the army of the North hoping to further his connections to as many races and departments that he could to help out what has become his life’s work. He and T’Char’ra got married just before he joined the army. As per the Guild of Thieves law, he stole his wedding gift for T’Char’ra, one of the finest lock picking sets to be “found” and she stole a gold earring that Gragnor wears to this day and often fingers when in deep thought or remembering T’Char’ra and home.
It was at this point in his life that a disaster happened, that to this daY Gragnor blames himself for causing, and haunts his dreams. Once out of the army, Gragnor returned to his appropiational endevours (actually never having left them) and broke into a chemical warehouse where he intended to replenish his supply of chemicals and enhance his alchememy skills. As will eventually happen when breaking into somewhere unwanted, Gragnor was caught by an over
viligent warehouse guard and his dog. A chase ensued amoungst the various hazardous barrels of volitle chemicals spilling some of the contents on the ground. Gragnor managed to elude the guard and his dog after a furious chase through the storage facility but had also managed to track the chemicals throughout the grounds as well. It was at this point that Gragnor smelled a peculiar odor that he recognized as flamable and that’s when he saw the guard round the corner
with a lantern at high flame. Grangnor leaped from his hiding place to shout “NO!” at the guard when the explosion rocked the wharehouse engulfing the guard, his dog and the other guards who had joined the pursuit. Gragnor stood in stunned silence for just a moment and ran as hard as he could away from the now burning inferno that once was a storage facility. The flames could be seen for miles and great plumes of smoke rose from the firey conflagration and settled on the surronding district.
Several months later, people living in and around the warehousing district began getting sick with a coughing sickness that resembled the flu but with no temperature and no vomiting. Soon, they began to spit-up blood and died either of drowning in their own fluids or of wasting away to skin and bones. It began what was known as the “Consuming Cough” and hundreds died from it. Gragnor guessed the worst and was certain that he was the cause of the illnes because it did not spread away from the district in which the fire was started. With a heavy burden on his heart, Gragnor swore to save as many as he blamed himself for killing. So he began taking on jobs that would either help people or earn lots of money to help him and T’Char’ra save as many children from “Contract Factory” jobs as possible, hoping that by saving people he would eventually erase the dark blot on his soul that only he knew was there.

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