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Nigel Hakkak!, son of Flk!gag, was born 20 summers ago. Little of his mother’s life is known. As is typical for Orcs, she was trained and became a fighter. At some point in her twenties, her warrior pack was drawn into a battle with a mighty army. During the battle, she was swallowed through a portal and landed late at night in a village whose location she did not know, though she believed it to be on the banks of the River of Guile. This strange village was patrolled by armored beasts with glowing eyes who roared continuously and farted a foul black gas behind them as they roamed. Flk!gag stumbled around confused through the village for several hours. During that time, she ransacked a bakery and killed some form of a cleric and two dogs. In the early morning hours, she spied Nigel Wembly Puddleford taking his morning tea before work through his sunroom window. Full of lust after her kills and being struck somewhat strangely by his primness and seeming fragility, she broke in and had her way with him (something he was so mortified and confused by that he never reported it). Shortly after this, and just as the sun was coming up, she was suddenly transported back to discover the battle long over and all of her comrades dead. She made her way home, pregnant. This is the story of how Hakkak! came to be.
His earliest years are without incident. However, as is the orcish way, Hakkak! left home to warrior school at age 8 but had failed out by 12 because the full Orc boys had all gotten so much bigger and stronger. He chose not to return home in disgrace. Instead, in the Spring of his 12th year, he headed out into the world to make his own way. His clan is a Northern Orc clan, so he spent those first few months earning his keep in northern towns and villages. He did various manual labor type jobs (stable boy, construction, harvesting, etc.) because, though small for an Orc, he was large for a human boy. However, after 9 months of this, winter was setting in and he had not made enough money to house/cloth/feed himself through the winter. So, by late winter of his 13th year, he turned to stealing.
For about 3 ½ months, Hakkak! scraped to get by, stealing food and knick-knacks as best he could. However, his size and low intelligence meant that he wasn’t very good at it. He had been chased out of a couple of villages before he was finally caught in the town of Dragsholm and thrown in jail. After a mock trail, he was sentenced to death (largely because he was ½ Orc). However, the night before his execution, he was broken out of the jail by a gang of child thieves.
Though he was not a great thief, his strength was useful to them. For the next 19 months (until the early winter of his 15th year), he helped the crew pillage across the countryside, moving further and further south. Hakkak! became fiercely loyal to his group, not only for saving his life, but also for taking him in, accepting him and teaching him a skill.
Sadly, this happy time with them ended traumatically. From time to time, one or more of them would get arrested and the rest of the crew would have to break them out. On one occasion, a jail break went poorly, with half the town arriving, armed and angry. Hakkak! had time to only rescue one of the two friends in the jail. In a flash decision, he chose one and left the other behind. That friend (Dirk) was dragged from the jail and lynched on the spot as Hakkak! and the other boy escaped. Dirk had been the one who originally picked the lock on Hakkak!’s cell that allowed him to escape. Devastated by this, Hakkak! ran away from the group in the middle of the night a few days later. He has not seen any of them since.
He spent the next several months wandering and doing whatever he could to get by. He eventually made it to the port town of Kestrel Bay where he was able to find lucrative work. Until the Spring of his 16th year, he worked hard there and, for the first time in his life, had significant money. However, he also spent lavishly for much of this time. For all of his success, he longed for a different life. So, using the money he had left, he bought his first cheap armor and weapons and decided to try to make his living as a sell sword.
He struggled but (between being a sell sword, bodyguard & manual laborer) he managed to get by for the 5 months it took for him to find himself in Gooseneck, where he met Ibn Bendarius, the famous warrior and cavalier. Bendarius initially hired him to help out on a job but, was so impressed with Hakkak!’s strength and loyalty, that he invited him to stay on as Bendarius’s apprentice.
For the next 28 months, Hakkak! served as Bendarius’s apprentice and learned everything he could about being a cavalier. He lived on Behdarius’s ranch and the man became a father figure to him. However, in the winter of Hakkak!’s 19th year, Bendarius was hired to defend a town against the wizard Black Malik. He refused to let Hakkak! join him for the battle because Hakkak! was not fully trained yet and not ready for such an encounter. Hakkak! was bitter about this but kept his word and stayed home. Bendarius was killed in this encounter.
After this, Hakkak! again wandered looking for work. After 7 months of this, in the last summer of his 20th year, he made his way to Sandy Point. He had heard there was a festival going on and hoped to get some work as a guard, with crowd control or perhaps clean up after the festival. It was there that he met his current group.

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