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I have been playing and running role-playing games for over 25 years, starting with the old Dungeons & Dragons Basic rules and moving on to the AD&D (1st and 2nd edition). My disenchantment with the system grew throughout the 90’s with the discontinuation of Greyhawk and other crappy TSR decisions and I started looking for something new. As a great fan of the Horror genre, I was thrilled to be introduced to the World of Darkness around 1996. Snapping up as much of the White Wolf literature as I could find, I initially took a turn playing a Shadow Lord in the Werewolf: the Apocalypse game before launching into the Chicago Chronicles. That campaign lasted until 2003, and I eventually wound it up because I was finding some of the themes of a modern Vampire game a bit tired and I wasn’t having much fun. I was also unhappy with the direction that White Wolf was moving in, so I gave 3rd edition D&D a try and was pleasantly surprised. Adapting much of the old Greyhawk material, I hosted another epic campaign that finally ended at the end of 2010. Over the intervening years I’ve also flirted with Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, Star Wars d6 & d20 and now Pathfinder. In the end though, I always knew that Vampire would draw me back, so here I am…

Favorite Campaigns
Beyond the Sunset - Armidale - Vampire: the Requiem LARP - Paraskeue to Alpha Phaeos
The Dark Ages
Blood Treason - A Devon by Night Chronicle for Vampire: the Masquerade
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