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Turn the music louder, dance along the edge
There is a void beyond this curtain, lead this song astray
One false step and you’ll fall back into reality
But as you sway you learn the truths of who you are
Just how far are all your limits?

So headbang faster
Push it further
Try once more your fate
Oblivious to the world that burns around you
Oblivious to the fall beyond your rhythmic step
Release my Soul from questions
Cleanse this tired mind from answers!
And free me from the need of definition in my self

For I’m only a wanderer down the path that’s set before me!
The one I choose by whim at every step
I know this present is as it is because I chose it
And so I live my life with no regrets
I’m only a dancer swaying wildly!
To this cacophonic composition in my head
I am movement, I am Light and I am nothing
And in my laughter I have found I need no else

I find my answers in the silence
When my thoughts stop screaming, questions bleeding
When I stop searching for the truth
I know this silence keeps me lucid
I know the sound will keep me going on

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