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Hello :) I’ve been dming for a while but with my friends its hard to schedule dnd sessions, most of the time it will be on a Friday or saturday night. I make sure all of my players are having a good time :) both with role play and with combat. I wrote up my own session (still writing it), as well as starting to convert my sessions to “tile-less” gaming. Sounds crazy i know but it’s a easier way of gaming plus since i draw my own maps its so much easier and less time consuming than hand drawing all my tiles. We play on rules on both 3.5 and 4 because it can be negotiable :) I am honestly really really shy but i come out of my shell after a bit. I am currently in college and will be graduating soon. Sessions are not being held at my home and is usually at one of my friends house. (parents just don’t get it)

Anyway I am a fair DM and i enjoy DnD :) i currently have 3 players.

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